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Personal Diegesis

Travel With Care
So Glad to Meet You, Toronto
I've Been Searching for a Heart of Gold
A Final Farewell to my Grandfather
Learning Process
Plan for the Day
probably the most exciting thing that happened to me today
Frankincense and Other Christmas Elixirs
Time to Scream
To Whom it May Concern: A Letter Concerning my New Employment
A Trip to Toronto to Flirt with Music: My Affair with the City, My Affair with Mitzi's Sister
Working as a Front Desk Guest Representative at a Motel "Emergency Motel Sequence"
Bloat Alert
Highlights of the Week, Including How Not to Load a Quadruped
Restaurant Biz
Nursing the Arm: life without a job
PR Grad Banquet "Setting Sails and Eyes on Success"
End of Co-op "Where did the Six Weeks Go?"
Patriarchal Magazine Titles, Schmoozing and Starting Fires
Things Around the Office
Frustrated with Murphy's Law
Working While you Strike
Watching Movies, Having Relationship Problems and Really Digging my new Job
Landing the Media Relations Job
If I had a Million Bucks
Fair is Foul
Yeehaw Week
The Band so Far
Financial Reports
New Starter Strategies
School is to me what Lakes are for fish
Freedom vs Sustainability
My Love of Soundwaves

General Announcements

News Reviews

Another Missing Child
On the Hadron Collider: Particle Acceleration or Death of a Nation?
What Hamas Calls "Justice"
Snowbirds of Prey
Tainted Pet Food Takes Drippy's Life
Diamonds in the Sky
The Schism in Iraq
Is Healthy Really Hot or is Thin Just In?: Madrid Fashion Bans Skinny Models
Military Boneheads: US kills another Canadian soldier in "friendly fire" on Sept 4, 2006
Spies! Damned Spies!- Proctor & Gamble Develop Microchips to Trace Customers
Massacre Memorial
Offending Articles: You Tense Still?
Harper Sworn in as 22nd Prime Minister
visions of 2005: one year tsunami commemoration, mad cow, Iraqi democracy, gun control, etc
Carolyn Hawley Says Goodbye to Iraq
Strange World, Brought to you by Radio
Hurricane Katrina
Guantanamo Bay
Robotic Anti-Terror Squad
Douglas Coupland comes to Guelph
USA in Fallujah
Friendly US Firer Still Not Sorry

Sleep Deprivation






This April Fools Joke is on the Taxpayer
Does Abortion Make you Gag: Obama Reverses the Global Gag Rule
Barack and the Middle East: Will We See a Change?
Musharraf is History!
Re: Georgia-Russian Conflict, What We Have Here, Is a Failure, To Communicate
Obama's Bitterness Comments, and the Bitterness They Have Perpetuated
Canadian Identity and Quebec's Identity Within Canada
Municipal Elections
Iran in Big Trouble over Nuclear Power. We are Too.
The Broken Promise Land: A Glance at the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Empire in Denial
Working While you Strike
Beautiful Hard Miserable Respect: A Critique of Democracy
Harper Sworn in as 22nd Prime Minister
Canadian Elections 2006
On Communist China
Christian Peacemakers Kidnapped in Iraq
Martin and Bush Bicker Over Softwood
Belinda Stronach sells Magna Inc.
Gomery Inquiry
The Water Situation
Pro-life debate
Agricultural Hardship
Kyoto, a dream
Tamils and Paul Martin

Poetry and Play

Howard Wayword

Friday, September 17, 2004

Movie Reviews

Definition of Howardianism

Howardianism: pron. (hΦu≤IA£1sm) n.

The forthright though somewhat reticent appeal of fully attentive half-wits inspired by a Howardian feeling, or more specifically, the cumulative actions and philosophies demonstrated and expressed by Howard Wayward, a renaissance character of obscure heritage who's unmatchable ability and ignorance, scathing remarks and outrageous behavior have earned him the involuntary memory in the minds of over 1,742,736,498.666 mathematicians, doctors, scientists, philosophers, mechanical engineers, chiropractors, dentists, orthopedic surgeons, fishermen, fisherwomen, fisher kings, fisher queens, fisher knaves, fish, soldiers, dissidents, nurses, anarchists, vagabonds, dieticians, snake-charmers, troubadours, magicians, business analysts, corporate executives, teachers, computer programmers, inventors, priests, nuns, “healers”, nincompoops, dweebs, doughnut-dunkers, dumpster-divers, drop-outs, drop-ins, musicians, innocent children, guilty children, social services recipients, cocktail bartenders, elevator attendants and Ferris-wheel operators.

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