Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Does Abortion Make you Gag?

Since Obama reversed the "Global Gag Rule" yesterday, family planning groups that offer abortion and/or abortion-related services will have access to funding again, a decision lauded by many as a wise no-brainer.

The rule began with Reagan, who presumably wanted to endorse a certain image of family -one that would never consider abortion for their own family or any other, even if it saved a mother's life. So he brought in the ban. Clinton banned the ban. He didn't like it. He thought perhaps women should have a choice for themselves. But Bush was a fan of the ban. He was against stem cell research. He was against many things that could have helped science and health care be more progressive. He wasn't going to condone or make it possible in any way for women to have the choice of abortion, not on his watch!

But now, on the anniversary of the Wade vs Roe decision, Obama has lifted the oppression that has been placed upon many women and girls around the world.

Pro-choice activists are ecstatic.
Religious fanatics are horrified.
Many are probably relieved.
Others won't be able to sleep.
Yet others "would rather not talk about it"

Let me ask you this: Whether or not you were going to make one decision or another about your unborn child, whether they were in their first trimester or a few minutes old, wouldn't you want to know all your options?



Blogger Devil Mood said...

I'm genuinely amazed at how many decisions Obama has already made in so little time. I didn't think change could happen so quickly, I thought laws took a lot longer to be decided. Such is the power of the President.
Keep going, man! ;)

4:51 p.m.  

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