Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Truth about 9-11

Photo Source: David Sky

This should be a nice week of dinner and the theatre. On Wednesday July 19 there will be one of two screenings of "the Truth About 9-11" at the Eglinton theatre at the corner of Bathurst. This documentary most likely will reaffirm or bust some of the conspiracy theories and myths about 911 that I've heard since the tragic catastrophe happened and since we've had four years to dwell and speculate on it. Does plane fuel burn hot enough to melt the structure of the Twin Towers? Was the whole thing rigged? Are most of the alleged terror suspects alive and doing well in foreign countries? Find out this week! It is playing at a opportune time, just after Bush threatened to shoot down North Korea's missiles with his ABM (Anti-Ballistic Missile) system and now that Israel and Hezbollah are at war. (Is this still about Shallit?) Bush is just sprinting to the end of his term!

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And in local news, it appears that although I haven't a job in my desired field of study, nor have I been having an especially pleasant time doing it considering I work almost exclusively the night shift, which leaves me exhausted and somewhat psychologically unstable, my role is merging a bit in the right direction. I have been offered some opportunities to do some PR writing for them. I took the initiative and wrote some case studies and direct mail campaign letters on their behalf. My boss was impressed! I had to explain that I couldn't "make up" testimonials because the purpose of the testimonial is to have actual customers put forth a reaction, not issue propaganda, but this is good. We're learning the do's and don'ts of PR here folks! It's a learning process on both sides. For my part, I am learning not to put the motel into chaos and apply myself to new projects and duties during the night shift.

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