Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Howard's Crush

This was one woman who simply blew Howard away (who, by the way, said he was going to post himself, but now is making up excuses based on privacy out of the threat of what he refers to his "dangerously high and vulnerable profile"). We were walking along in Alfama, the old and beautiful city, when he completely stopped and said "Who is that beauty!" His teeth started chattering and he began acting foolish, taking off his hat, then putting it on again, and not knowing how to operate his feet to walk in one direction or another. "Why don't you ask her if she'd like to go for a cup of tea?" I asked. "I cannot think of it. A woman of that caliber would have tea in her toilet," was Howard's response.

I continued walking and then decided that if Howard wasn't going to make a move, I was. She was a little coy and she refused to look at me, but then she saw Howard, and he made her giggle. When she devoted her attention to Howard, he came and basically took over the conversation. We had the chance to engage her in a very interesting discussion about the disintegration of the unity language in the modern feminist movement in the Canadian conscience and elsewhere. She apparently knows quite a bit about many places in the world but she said she decided to settle down in the city of Alfama Portugal because "the people are wonderful, the sights: breath-taking, and I never feel uncomfortable baring my breasts. It just feels natural." Posted by Hello

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Blogger The Lioness said...

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I wanted to comment, but I am such a school-boy at times. I realized I couldn't post without saying the word I just opted to keep quiet.

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