Thursday, April 21, 2005

Nursing the Blog

Howard called me to tell me about my blog looking "shabby". I asked him if he knew anything about template codes and he started going on about C++ and Qbasic and all these programs with codes that were around in the eighties and I said "that doesn't help Howard" and then he said "well, every good programmer has to know about the history of the language and the symbols and how they've evolved." I didn't want to get into it so I quickly said goodbye and asked Lioness to help me out.

She is an aspiring nerd. She gets so nerdy it's awesome. It's not like she has a degree in programming. She's just decided she'd like to be a good programmer and a fix-it-yourselfer. This is all handy news to me. It is also nice that she's naturally helpful. She's gone through the code, has realigned the offending placement of texts, she's scanning the letters and numbers and symbols and now has her mind set on getting my text down to normal size. Even though I told her I didn't change any of the numbers on the fonts, she is convinced that I blew the whole thing to smithereens. She gave me a few pieces of advice to say that you can't just insert the drop down menu code wherever you want. That mucks up the whole operation.

At this moment we are arguing about where to place blame. I had sent her some variations of templates that I had done in the past but she declares that these are old templates, far too obsolete to use. She asked me how the hell I could mess up something so well. Then I started going into the explanation of the fact that I had copied and saved the old template right before I started messing it, knowing I'd need the backup. She didn't want to hear it. But, to continue: then, I put the drop down menu code at the very bottom. That put the drop down menu right at the bottom of my blog. No good. Then I put it in the middle, that made it overlap some of the text. No good. Then I put it right at the top. Too high. Then I put it right under some other code. Ok, it's still not on the side where I want it and now my whole profile has disappeared to the bottom, time to bring back the original template.

OH, somehow a mutation has occured and now the original template is doing the same thing as the other and putting it's carpets on the ceiling. WHY?

I don't know.

Why did I change the font size? I didn't. A ghost did. She just fixed it but now it's too small. Sometimes I think we need to just get over our hang-up with sizes. Some people think they're too big, too small. Whatever.

But Lioness prevailed!!

The blog is back to health. I don't see her stipulation that the font still isn't the right size. I think she's just being a perfectionist. She wants to make my blog look really nice. Well, ok, maybe. At least now the drop down menu is in the right place as is the portfolio. Thanks L!

As the blog changes each time I refresh my screen. Then it stops perceptibly changing and I begin to wonder what she's doing. We're communicating through the narrow wire that is msn. Then I look over to my menu. THAT's the font that has changed. So apparently she went all the way back and edited my choice of font from the code of my menu. Such a Lioness. She'll find problems that aren't even there, because she can always see how to make the mediocre better. [Here's my false accusation]

Oh, no. I interprete her wrong again. Even though I see the drop down menu change, she says she's criticizing all other fonts, not the dd one. Oh, ok well, why did my dd font change?
"bcs i had to delete that monstruosity code u somehow created"

See, it's about the frankenstein I've put together in MY basement. That will never change. And my name isn't good enough. It's "confusing." I liked the idea of "navigating towards" a given topic. You readers didn't find that clever? Oh, ok. See, this is all part of the peer editing process. Great peer editors help writers a lot. I don't mind getting false accusations as long as the thing works at the end of the day. Today it does.

It is strange but I think there are referrals in code. When you change one thing, it manifests itself in other places. This might explain why when she claimed to be fixing one problem, I'd see another one emerge.

And, since I wrote this post originally, I've had more than a handful of spelling mistakes pointed out by the peer editor.


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