Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More than just Dreaming of a White Christmas...

Environment Canada says this may be the first coast to coast white Christmas in a decade! Vancouver got hit with snow, which doesn't apparently happen too often and the East coast is battling some 163 kilometre per hour winds. Here in Onterrible, we're used to the big snow dumps that have given rise to the term "snowmeggedon" since the beginning of November already!

Merry Christmas...and bundle up!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree

Things are getting pretty festive around the office...at least in my pod. Here's my podmate, who is the social committee leader, who spearheaded our departmental competition to see who can decorate their surroundings the most. Note the look of sheer enthusiasm on his face as he proudly perches on his desk, post garland affixing, seconded by the 'thumbs up' gesture.

So far it looks like our pod might even win, considering we're the only pod to participate. But the end date for the competition has been extended, so I'm *sure* everyone will catch up sooner or later. My contribution was a large blue sock or "stocking" not pictured here.

I'm definitely in holiday mode. At least I'm anticipating it. Tonight, I look forward
drinking egg nog and caroling my face off with friends.

No, the hangover from the eggnog wasn't too bad, especially considering it was just eggnog. However, thanks for your concern. And things have been turned up a notch here around the office, to my chagrin. It seems that my competitors were strategically holding out until the last day before the competition finale, at which point they went out on dollar store shopping sprees that left us looking like a couple of bums. As a result (wait for the disbelief)...we DIDN'T win our pod decorating competition! That's according to our judges. I'm not satisfied with their conclusion. Let's let you decide which pod says "Christmas" to you:

I have always wondered why Frosty is called Frosty when he's not Frosty, he's snowy. Anyway, the lyrics to the popular song can be seen on the window behind him, in case anyone's wondering.
Here are the dollar store pimps I was referring to earlier. At least they didn't die of Bah Humbug disease. I like them though cause they are my neighbours, and because they didn't win, either.
And here's the winner. "Starry Night" was their theme. Lame. I do like the little Santa belaying down the string of lights though. I bet his arms are sore.

Friday, December 05, 2008

I've Been Searching For a Heart of Gold

If it wasn't for the rapid-fire bidding finger of some stranger on Ebay, I would be on my way to see Neil Young play in Toronto tonight. Instead, within the last minute, someone suckered me out of an incredibly cheap ticket. I bid $60US then they bid $61. I went to bid again when the message came up that the sale was final and that I was out of luck. As a result I get to see my friend who's visiting from Toronto...so life is always full of serendipity.

Something else that kinda sucks/could be full of serendipitous potential:
I've been cut back to part time. So I suppose I will have more free time to play guitar and/or look for another part time job in 2009. My boss assures me that the decision is probably temporary and she realizes it's kind of a "kick in the face" but it's merely based on business needs, or lack thereof.

It seems my work situation is always changing. I spent last year working three part time jobs, then this summer I replaced them all with one full time job. Now, just as I am coming into being eligible for Health Benefits at work, my schedule is changing again.

I'm glad that things are kept interesting though. I'm going to try to rebuild my karass -those people in my wheel of fate (if you can call it fate) that allow me to actualize and whom I help actualize. In Cat's Cradle Kurt Vonnegut talks about the fictional concept of karass as those people who often unknowingly work together to bring about God's will, not to be confused with your granfalloon: a group of people who think they are connected, based on a superficial commonality, but they really aren't. An contemporary example of a granfalloon might be...people who think Sara Palin's not very intelligent?

Having been cut to part time, I am reminded that the people I speak to on the phone daily do indeed have a hand to play in deciding my fate, even though I never see their face. They could well be part of my extended karass. Or is it moreso the people who DON'T call who hold the power?

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