Sunday, August 16, 2009

Summer Progress Report

Woe is me for not having an air conditioner! As the summer weather starts to actually feel (uncomfortably) like summer, it is time to realize that there is not much of it left! Still, it has been a busy/productive summer for many people, getting out to cottages, sailing, swimming, camping, starting new romances (and putting others behind).

I have wrapped up an activity sandwich complete with biking, two weddings, made good headway in my completion of my CCPE and started hosting open mics at Wally's (Oh snap! I better practice, that's tonight!) My friend shared this discovery as well. Nick Pitera:

I can't believe how precise his voice impersonations are!! Part of me is glad he's too busy to attend my open mics...

But I still have a few things that I want to do this summer, including

-actually catch a fish, not just go "fishing"
-goto Canada's Wonderland
-perfect a cover of Lover, You Should Have Come Over (Jeff Buckley). Maybe tonight?
-go back to and complete recording of my first album
-catch a VIA rail train somewhere without it going on strike

May we all achieve what we can, and milk this season dry. Good luck!
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