Tuesday, January 05, 2010

An Old Man's Industry

Nothing like a broken drawer handle
that hangs down and
catches on the drawer below it
making such a nuisance
that to pull out my
Phillips screwdriver
and fix it once
is not enough
because it's only to discover that
the screw that someone
put in there is too short,
with its head barely popped out of
the other side
though it gives the illusion
that it holds fast
the truth is:
it was hanging on by one screw the whole time!
one yank and it's out again
one should have known
can't go on like this
always frustrated
when trying to open
there's got to be a solution
might as well switch it
with the bottom drawer
no one uses it anyway

That's an investment!
To not be repeatedly pissed off
every time I reach for a spoon
To not curse under my breath
when that damn drawer
still hasn't been fixed

someone else might as well
get ticked
rummaging for a spare bag
in a sorry place to put em'

Nothing like a broken drawer handle



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