Tuesday, November 27, 2007


The world conspires against you to show you the contradictions and crises in your life.

Then, if you are still looking, it offers you a route to a solution.

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Season Pangs

It started last night. Like they had been attacked by some sci-fi virus, the water molecules in the falling rain started to mutate and change their structure. Now the ground is completely covered with white, cold, ice crystals. Of course, by this time of year, it usually doesn't seem like some alien weather pattern that has taken over the planet. We're used to snow.

But so far we have had it fairly easy with the occasional rain and temperatures mostly above zero. Now however, the fact has really hit me: winter is just around the corner. The inevitable second thought is: Christmas is just around the corner!

I usually loathe winter, the cold, getting sick etc but I am at least looking forward to some of the things this frosty season has to offer. For example, being safe and warm inside is so much more rewarding when faced with the prospect of sub zero torture. Maybe I'm simply turning a negative into a positive but welcome to the winter of my discontent, I have to. Otherwise I just may not make it through to spring.

So let's be merry and list off the gifts that winter has to offer:

1. Holidays. They are there, really. Just hold on and keep pumping. It may not seem like an immaculate conception but everyone needs some time off. It's also really nice to see friends and family visit again, back from the far off regions that they have moved away to.

2. Spirit. I know this can be a curse to some, including mothers of children that repeat various versions of jingle bells over and over but smile. Have some spirit. It will come in handy when it is minus fifteen and your furnace breaks down.

3. More food. I have many friends who enjoy snacks. They complain that they look like a walrus but who can argue against cookies and hot coco? Certainly not anyone whose mouth is full.

4. An excuse to stay in. "It's too cold to go out" is actually a valid reason not to uncurl from your book and covers. It feels so nice by the fire. On the other hand, having to go anywhere can be a nightmare. Run for cover!

Anyway, so it is not a very long list but I am somewhat excited. I am also terrified but I am somewhat excited...to catch up with old friends, have snowball fights, sing carols, set up lights and watch the snow pile up. I'll be watching it from this side of the window as much as possible.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Music Video of the Week: Hide and Seek

If you recognize this song, chances are you saw it somewhere on TV. It was used in The L Word, on a preview for season 3 of Lost and in a preview for Heroes. Despite hearing many good things about both shows, I haven't seen either the L Word or Heroes. However, it seems that good music can even make it's way onto bad shows as well, as I discovered.

If you're like me, you rolled out of bed the other morning, made breakfast and turned on the TV thinking: I'll just watch something. Anything! The more mind-numbing the better! You don't even consciously think the thought but part of you admits that were a horrible show such as The OC to come on right then, that despite its malingering actresses (Micha Barton) and all its Californication and cheesy drama, you still wouldn't have the will to shut it off. Well, that depends. I usually last about 30 seconds before I want to perform an abortion on my eyeballs. But imagine my case: not paying for cable and therefore only having the choice between the OC and the Doodlebops (or no TV). What's it gonna be? So I left it on...and then my ears perked up. This is a good song!

Imogen Heap was like a child prodigy, learning several instruments at a young age and teaching herself to mix and produce it on Atari computers. The melody of this song is so melodic and robotic at the same time. It's the sound of a pretty machine.

That's how these rotten shows capture your attention.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Words For Rice

Do you consider yourself a voracious vocabularian? Then perhaps you should try out this, a fun quiz for a good cause.

In the last ten minutes, I've donated 500 grains of rice through the United Nations World Food Program just for choosing the correct definitions for words. This literally is food for thought. So it is nice to know that while I'm excercising my brain cells, someone who really needs food is getting fed.
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