Friday, September 17, 2004

Definition of Howardianism

Howardianism: pron. (hΦu≤IA£1sm) n.

The forthright though somewhat reticent appeal of fully attentive half-wits inspired by a Howardian feeling, or more specifically, the cumulative actions and philosophies demonstrated and expressed by Howard Wayward, a renaissance character of obscure heritage who's unmatchable ability and ignorance, scathing remarks and outrageous behavior have earned him the involuntary memory in the minds of over 1,742,736,498.666 mathematicians, doctors, scientists, philosophers, mechanical engineers, chiropractors, dentists, orthopedic surgeons, fishermen, fisherwomen, fisher kings, fisher queens, fisher knaves, fish, soldiers, dissidents, nurses, anarchists, vagabonds, dieticians, snake-charmers, troubadours, magicians, business analysts, corporate executives, teachers, computer programmers, inventors, priests, nuns, “healers”, nincompoops, dweebs, doughnut-dunkers, dumpster-divers, drop-outs, drop-ins, musicians, innocent children, guilty children, social services recipients, cocktail bartenders, elevator attendants and Ferris-wheel operators.


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