Friday, September 21, 2007

I Don't Like It but I Guess Things Happen That Way

First, let me say that I am thrilled to have been able to stay at the same house this year, instead of having to move to a new one like all the other nomadic students in this university town. This is one of the first years I've been able to stay settled somewhere. It was a struggle trying to find that third roomate last minute after having about four people flake out on me but things hung together. My new housemates are great...but you'll find exceptions to almost any rule.

I had to fight myself to keep my eyes open while working at the call centre today. This week has been run, run, run. I was like, "TGIF, man!" The fact that they have comfortable chairs conducive to slouching doesn't help either. Ragged cubicle monster that I was, it was bearable just looking forward to going home and taking a nap.

When I got home, I was welcomed with pizza and roomates who were gathered in my room watching Curb Your Enthusiasm, my Sopranos replacement. I know it's probably not "cool" to take naps on Friday nights but Friday nights are like Monday nights for me because I work Saturday mornings, early. So I watched a couple episodes with them before winding down for that much anticipated nap.

But, alas, I no longer control my surroundings (was there a time that I did?). It is now 8:06pm and after about half an hour of lying in my bed to no avail, with the heat, humidity and sounds of screaming children wafting in through my window, a loud buzz started up from my basement. The unmistakeable sound of a guitar amp turned up to max. Then came the bursting, banging accompaniment of drums. That was when I knew my plans were foiled.

It is hard living in a house full of rock stars.

If you're interested in hearing the same sounds that I heard when I was hopelessly trying to sleep, visit my friend Elliot's band Brides

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