Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Labour Day is AWESOME (For Teachers) and 5 Cool Things

Happy post Labour Day weekend! I won't even comment on the battle between the government and teachers that's currently taking place in Ontario. Just focus on the word "AWESOME" in my title, think of people who were actually in labour on Labour Day, like the wife of the waiter that served me breakfast on Sunday but had to rush home and ignore everything else and pretend this paragraph never happened.

Someone asked me what they should get for a couple that's getting married. Since I would be attending their wedding but I had never met them before in my life, it put me in a difficult position. A Hallmark card? Lots of money? A hand-made card maybe? Something that would show the thought that counts? But what? "You're not much help" they observed. I tried to be. "What's their symbol?" I asked. Not like their horoscope-averaged-out-over-the-months-between-the-two-of-their-birthdays-symbol -like: Is there anything particularly that brought them together? A sign? A memory of where they met, hung out or had their love bloom?

That would probably be too easy. These days, the detective work has been intentionally taken out of the wedding process. You KNOW what they want. The couple just gets a registry online and people pay the $$$ to get the right gift. There's no more fussing, buyers remorse or envy. With the click of the button, gifting has never become easier. But what if you just want to give something personal, and well,...cool?

"Just text me 5 cool things" I was told.

Just five cool things for the bride and groom that I hope will make sighs on their honeymoon!

In the spirit of The Book(s) of Awesome (and the blog of 1000 things count-down) here's what I came up with off the top of my head:

tai chi
frisbee golf
Jesus Christ lizards
"gangnam style"

Without over-thinking it too much (there's no context), what are your five cool things?
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