Friday, June 20, 2008

A Modest Note on my Absence

I am so focused today. A nuclear bomb could go off in my backyard and I wouldn't flinch. This week has been amazing! So many accomplishments, fact-finding, positive adjustments, new perspectives. Amazing. One way of contextualizing it may be the simple fact of new job, which I have been meaning to tell you about...but it's also about timing. It's so many factors really. It's like: you need new challenges to push you, to make you prove to yourself who or what you really are. All past familiarities are left. All comforts and taken-for-granteds abandoned. It is now that I must summon up all my strength. I feel like so many things in my life are synchronizing right now, that I can't even decide what to say. I'm a little blog-shy, is what I'm saying. (But thank you for caring! People obviously still have the skill of literacy!!!) Please have patience with me is what I really wanted to implore of you, dear reader...I will be back soon. :)
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