Thursday, April 07, 2005

The Gomery Inquiry Details Come Out

Canada now has a tarnished reputation because of this. While the Liberal government hasn't been strong since Jean Chretien, now this issue will force even more instability as the Conservatives laugh and get disgusted at the Liberals for portraying themselves as victims of spin-doctory, and most others accuse them of being the spin-doctors themselves who have recklessly lied, manipulated and wasted people's money.

Even before Canadians were legally enabled to view the information about the details of the case brought against the Paul Martin and his crew, Other parties had grown cynical, and suggested the cache 22 that if the information wasn't scandalous, there wouldn't be a publication ban, and that if there was a publication ban, there would be scandal.

This is a story about how tax dollars were used to try to keep separatists sovereignty in the rest of Canada. But was it all a bunch of bribes? Was it money laundering?

Although the information leaked early to the United States, on internet websites, the politicians weren't technically allowed to publicly talk about it until today. The news is still fresh but the issue is complicated. It may even cause us to go back to the polls. Then what will happen to Canada? Please pray for Ottawa.


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