Monday, October 18, 2004

Howard would like to clarify some points

I'm just sending this in now from my pilot. I wanted to announce that I have a new flash card as soon as Barrett figures out how to actually organize his site and get pictures, I can introduce myself to you in the visual medium. I figured that since Barrett's life is kind of in a recouperatory phase (taken up with his boring non-smoking logs) he'll expect me to put in more entries and update things periodically.

I'm sorry to burst his bubble but I'm very busy. It's not like I have endless time to be lecturing you on the merits of employing a financial planner or anything like that. I don't employ one myself because I rely on myself and fulfill all the duties that I need to to get my job done. Oh yes and that reminds me: Someone brought to my attention that I had an air of being misleading in my last blog by suggesting that I worked with a "team". They took it the wrong way. I don't depend on anyone and I rarely rely on the services of page-boys or secretaries except for minimal mechanical production of my own strategies and campaigns. However, I was making a point to say that when I am forced to converse with people, I like them to rise to my standards, because if they didn't there would be no standards, and we might as well be sitting around on a friday night making monkey noises or something as equally useless, like whale noises or any variety of animal noises. Often people think that they can get by just having others complete their responsibilities for them but it's because they haven't yet grown up. If the world were like that (or like any of the ridiculous situations featured in MasterCard commercials) I could easily have someone else write my entries for me and it wouldn't matter but after all life isn't like that. I've talked to business men who are actively interested in having their computers programmed to send out timely releases of planned information at specific times. I say to them: "why don't you just get off your lazy arse and do it yourself?" We have a responsibility to our communities. We cannot let machines be a nuissance. As humans, we should be able to accomplish that ourselves. This is to say as well though that I do respect Barrett for his initiative after all so I offered to help him out. I hope you're writing this all down.

Recently Barrett's told me about some people who don't even know me (aka his acquaintances Yussif and Sarah) who don't believe I even exist despite Barrett's thorough explanation (as I understand because I delineated precisely what I wanted to divulge about myself and did not authorize him to say anything more) that though he doesn't know me very well personally I am still quite non-fictional. Now imagine what sort of position this puts me in? I have every reason, just as much as they do, not to believe that THEY exist. I mean, what kind of name is "Yussif"? If I didn't owe a kind of unofficial allegiance to Barrett, I would suspect that these people are nothing more than perhaps a napkin with writing on them at some run-down shop. What I could possibly say to these people is not effable here. I can only suggest that for others of their sort, I do not care whether or not you believe in me. Your opinion is of no consequence. It is only the valiant and devout people that I speak to that are going to be rewarded by my teachings and exercises. I hope other rumours don't circulate about me but I've heard that some are inclined to make fun of my palm pilot. That is no laughing matter. If you don't have a palm pilot maybe you should get one, then we'll see who laughs. I can get things accomplished with my palm pilot that those who don't have one cannot even dream of. So there.

This has been enough rough-housing for today. I don't mean to be intimidating with my audience I just don't want them to think of me as a push-over, because I will just not have it. Well, I must be going now,

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