Saturday, February 24, 2007

Itchy Back

Here's to winter almost being over and my skin not flaking of like it's being cheese-grated. We're not there yet though. Since Madamerouge loves Justin Timberlake so much, I wrote a song for him and dedicated it to him. It uses the same melody as a song many of us know but it deals more with the challenges and opportunites that I've found as of late in my own life. I'm going for top ten with it. Here's:


I’ve got an itchy back (yep)
It’s cause my skin just don’t know how to act (yep)
Tried moisturizers by the stack (what?)
Still I got my itchy back (yep)

Fight the wind, now here we go now
Get a coat on, now here we go now
Take it to the back, now here we go now
The dryness is whack, now here we go now
Winter is a b*tch, now here we go now
It’s cold as a witch, now here we go now
My epidermis fails, now here we go now
I wanna eat nails, now here we go

I'm your slave
look at my igloo, come in my enclave
I won't beat you if you misbehave
I might just give your head a little shave
(Then you'd be really cold and look like you know who)



Blogger madamerouge said...

I'd scratch your back anytime, sexy.

1:06 a.m.  
Blogger Simple American said...

Heck I got that itchy back thing and not even a drop of snow in sight this whole winter. Did see ice on the roofs a couple of times.

Hope you aren't getting cabin fever.

Thanks for visiting my blog. It's been a while. :)

10:13 a.m.  
Blogger Vesper said...

that's awesome!

4:01 p.m.  

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