Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The five-wired electric fence

Standing by the electric fence. Wanting to touch it. I know I shouldn't. It just entices me. Something about the other things I shouldn't touch but do anyways. What is it? Maybe I need something to shake me up. No I shouldn't. I've felt it before. 5000 volts is a lot to take. It happens before you even know what hits you. Emotionally the electric current of social life sometimes drains me. It is such a drive, -such adrenaline. Why do we choose so, to take risks and tempt ourselves? I'm even leaning on the fence. What else do I have to lose? I'm almost a funny game: watch myself be the fool! I reach out to it. Tap it lightly slowly, asking for temporary death. Daring. It's not even on! I look up at the almost full moon, the setting mist, and thank god: "I love you so much God, I really do" I say, and there is no shock.


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