Friday, December 05, 2008

I've Been Searching For a Heart of Gold

If it wasn't for the rapid-fire bidding finger of some stranger on Ebay, I would be on my way to see Neil Young play in Toronto tonight. Instead, within the last minute, someone suckered me out of an incredibly cheap ticket. I bid $60US then they bid $61. I went to bid again when the message came up that the sale was final and that I was out of luck. As a result I get to see my friend who's visiting from life is always full of serendipity.

Something else that kinda sucks/could be full of serendipitous potential:
I've been cut back to part time. So I suppose I will have more free time to play guitar and/or look for another part time job in 2009. My boss assures me that the decision is probably temporary and she realizes it's kind of a "kick in the face" but it's merely based on business needs, or lack thereof.

It seems my work situation is always changing. I spent last year working three part time jobs, then this summer I replaced them all with one full time job. Now, just as I am coming into being eligible for Health Benefits at work, my schedule is changing again.

I'm glad that things are kept interesting though. I'm going to try to rebuild my karass -those people in my wheel of fate (if you can call it fate) that allow me to actualize and whom I help actualize. In Cat's Cradle Kurt Vonnegut talks about the fictional concept of karass as those people who often unknowingly work together to bring about God's will, not to be confused with your granfalloon: a group of people who think they are connected, based on a superficial commonality, but they really aren't. An contemporary example of a granfalloon might be...people who think Sara Palin's not very intelligent?

Having been cut to part time, I am reminded that the people I speak to on the phone daily do indeed have a hand to play in deciding my fate, even though I never see their face. They could well be part of my extended karass. Or is it moreso the people who DON'T call who hold the power?

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Blogger Phronk said...

Stephen King's "ka-tet" is pretty similar. Wonder if he was inspired by Vonnegut.

Sucks about getting cut back at work, but you know, people with steady jobs always complain about boredom, which is probably much worse than a crapload of serendipitous potential.

11:40 a.m.  
Blogger gina said...

love karass and that whole philosophy... guess we'll never know how our decisions make other people's lives turn out how they do....

well, re:job... more time to play music! way to see the silver lining...LOL

1:17 p.m.  
Blogger ty bluesmith said...

i feel you on the job stuff. work sucks period. maybe you should look into some sort of freelance gig. i find it to be the best of both worlds. you get money but you don't really gotta go a lot of places. idk.

8:37 a.m.  
Blogger sirbarrett said...

Phronk -I used to be a huge Stephen King fan back in the day but I don't remember "ka-tet". I must have missed that book. Which was it? Now, years later I have finally read my first Dean Koontz novel (the author I always perceived as King's rival).

I think you're right about fighting off boredom. I'll be fine as long as life is complicated, right?

Gina-My optimism harasses me constantly.

ty bluesmith-I appreciate your honesty. Yeah, I've been encouraged to do some freelance and I think I might try. It seems really hard to get paid to write but I've heard grabbing ahold of all the listings for journals, mags, plays etc. and doing submission after submission is the way to do it. Ironically, it sounds like a lot of work though...

6:15 p.m.  

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