Sunday, March 25, 2007

Tainted Pet Food Takes Drippy's Life

Aminopterin, a rat poison that would usually do a cat’s job for them has this time killed the cat.

My friend’s cat Drippy, so called because her beautiful Persian coat was marked with black “drips” was pronounced dead this Friday after suffering and exhibiting adverse side effects like diarrhea and vomiting. Although no autopsy was done, her owners confirmed that she had eaten one of the tainted brands on the recal list and suspect she died of liver failure like the others. She will be missed by her family who enjoyed her cuddly, blue-eyed adorable nature.

Shelly Grogan, another pet owner who fell victim to the pet food taint was featured on CTV news in Vancouver earlier today. She said that coming home without her pet is not the same and she wants more answers. After spending hours on the phone, it still remains unclear how remunerations are to be made. Menu Foods said they’d pay veterinary bills if there is “proof” that their food killed the cats but that involves getting tests, which cost money. It’s a good idea for any pet owner who thinks their cat or dog died as a result of their food, to keep the receipts.

Menu Foods makes a variety of pet foods for dogs and cats including brands like Special Kitty, My True Friend and Iams. They released a recall list earlier this week with product codes to alert pet owners of potential risk, however, so far no one knows how the taint occurred, whether intentionally, from a byproduct of mold or a reaction to new ingredients. [Original article here]

We are likely to see more lawsuits like those going on in Windsor, Toronto and Chicago as angry grievers seek compensation for those fluffy friends who can never truly be replaced.

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Blogger {illyria} said...

this just really makes me angry.

10:39 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

isn't it terrible?


hey my niece just ran a marathon in Indiana this past two should get together. lol....

8:21 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if this story blows up, it might mean the end of that company. I wouldn't like to be the spokesman for them right now.

8:11 a.m.  

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