Monday, August 18, 2008

Musharraf is History!

With Musharraf's resignation as President of Pakistan (which he did to avoid impeachment) it effectively leaves one of the most politically instable, volatile countries without a leader.

He took power in a coup, ousting previous leader Sharif from power in 1999. Since then he has been a key ally of the US in its War on Terror, but considering he's a tyrant himself, his actions haven't done much to speak against militant extremism. Taliban soldiers crossing over the Pakistani Afghan border have been US' biggest threat in that war.

Although his resignation has so far been the best thing for the Pakistan economy (the rupee has shot up in value), it's anyone's guess as to how this will affect the country in general and who the next president will be. Under Musarraf, democracy has been stalled, assassinations have blocked the possibilities of elected leaders like Bhutto from ever taking power. Now that Musarraf is gone, people celebrate in the streets...but no one knows what will come next.



Blogger Devil Mood said...

What I know is that already there were 3 attacks, one in Pakistan, a big one in Afghanistan and even one in Algeria, all attributed to Al-Qaeda groups. :/

5:03 p.m.  

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