Friday, October 15, 2004

pitbull ban lament

Proud are pitbulls parents, as they play with stuffed toys, -not with live animals, nor ones they've killed. They can be loyal, just like most dogs. Or bark and be as annoying as hell. Have you ever seen Killer kiss a baby? That's just a name, he's quite gentle. But someone vulgarly called them all beasts. And someone's mind was churned like a sick stomach, at the selected pictures of pain, viewed in frequency to inspire discrimination. "Ticking time-bombs" he called them. I'm bad with Politicians names but he declared outlaw, and did not flinch, he would not have anything last another day. Todays the last day for pitbulls. Images of little children with stiches in their faces, traumatized mothers, voices electric with emotion, all of these and the inconvenient and newly conscious possibility of stumbling upon a disgruntled animal who has the capabilities of a land version of Jaws. I guess there'll be no laissez-faire policies with this governement, cause they mean to DO something. This rhetoric and more entice some to the ban, some away from the topic. The victims (those who weren't necessarily in the "wrong" place, though perhaps they were there at the wrong time) have deep cuts that bore into their skull. It makes it no better that they weren't crunched to death by a piano falling from a sky. They were extremely damaged by a naughty pitbull. Their visible damage lasts, but today is a sad day not only for those neglectful dog owners, but all others with the same kind of dog. It's not that their prize-fighting puppy is necessarily under attack. No, it's not that, it's just their entire breed. Owners beware now that their doggy is an old fad. Notice: pitbulls time has ticked away. When the purely bred life wears out behind the screen of a muzzle; they'll be traded in for a schnauzer or a poodle. Pitbulls are now like a quarantined product. (Are we going to have to secure our Ontario borders so they can't get in?) The custom of looking down on them, for what they're breed is, has a hint of racism, though I'd have to ask a dog. The new legislation suggests that they will become antiquities of Ontario. These "beasts" who are our companions, but we too, will be conscious of the dissappearing Pitbull rodeo.


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