Friday, November 04, 2005

Strange World, Brought to you by a Radio

I drove to London yesterday to see my long-time friend Kaz, possibly for the last time. Because of VISA issues, and despite getting married to a Canadian, it will take 7 months to get the paperwork complete, so he can't work in this country. He's going to Japan to work with the producer of Duran Duran, and advance his music production career. He wished me the best in case we never see each other again (we've known each other since highschool) and promised that at least our msn relationship will "slip into eternity".

On my drive, I was listening to the news, and learned some interesting facts.

1/ Supposedly the whole line of hand-sanitizer products are useless to solve the problems that people generally use them for. They can even make matters worse because some break down into dioxins, which are poisons in the environment. Products like Purell hand sanitizer DO kill 99% of bacteria (in lab conditions), but because colds and flus are VIRUSES, it does nothing to prevent the spread of the coughs or fever. While it kills bacteria, they've found that in hospital conditions, the harmful bacteria that aren't killed are worse, because they've built up resistence to these products. Therefore, these products could be INCREASING disease. What scientists suggest is that since bacteria is everywhere anyway, we increase the good bacteria to counteract the bad.

2/ Canada is proposing burying radioactive waste in the Canadian sheild. While this is probably the safest way of dealing with a huge problem as opposed to shooting it off into outer-space, it is still scary. All it would take is one crack for the waste to leak out into our groundwater. How do we know that some geological disaster won't happen in the next thousand years to make our country a uranium pool? By the time your coffee tasted funny it would be too late. Strange birth defects and grand-scale environmental degradation would ensue. It would be something like the fictional situation in The Chrysalids, by John Wyndham, where three-armed freaks live on the fringes.

And, my last newspoint, about how children and parents as a legal relationship:

3/ New laws are being drafted as a result of a car crash that resulted in a child developing dysfunctions. They are now making it legal for children to sue their parents for damages that were sustained while they were in the womb. This could grow to include suing mothers for drinking or doing drugs while they were pregnant.

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Blogger exile said...

dude, i so don't trust hand sanitizer. if you have bird shit on your hand, and you rub that stuff in, you may have sanitized it, but you still have shit on your hand.

6:51 p.m.  
Blogger Pecos Blue said...

wow some crazy thoughts. the hand stuff is true and the soap is bad too because it reacts with the chlorine in the water. The baby suing thing is crazy--but we still can't sue over environment effects that may be hurting a fetus---wow

8:01 p.m.  
Blogger MoDigli said...

woah ~ I just found my 6 degrees of seperation from Duran Duran! Holy Crap! They were my teenage heart-throbs. Can you hook me up?! :)

That is some crazy shit to think of suing your mother! WTF? Society always wants to say it's mother's fault. But like pecos said, what if it's environmental?

And hand sanitizer - definitely scary!

9:29 p.m.  

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