Wednesday, July 08, 2009

I Totally Got YouTubed!

Ever google yourself just to see what will turn up? Maybe people aren't as narcissistic as me, but when I did that today, I found out that someone totally youtubed me!

Remember that singer songwriter competition where told you you would be recorded and uploaded, Barrett? Yeah, but they told me they were having trouble doing that after the first few contestants and so therefore they weren't going to do that for me. Excuse the conversation with myself. Boy, did I get a surprise!

It's a nice surprise of course. I'm happy to have my original music on record. It's not the best performance (and I kinda squirmed watching myself recount the Batman Begins plot) but at least this gives you an idea of my music. Watching myself play is such a bizarre experience but it also serves as a reminder that I REALLY NEED TO GET A NEW GUITAR!! (I do not heart the tone).

The song is actually called "Lay Down and Die" and it was based on something my mother told me (viz. that you CAN'T "just lay down and die") when I was going through a rough patch in my early adulthood. My father, at that time, gave me a card quoting Winston Churchill which read, on the outside: "If you're going through hell..." and then on the inside: "keep going!" I have always remembered those words and I can always compare whatever bad situation that I'm going through to the fact that at least I'm not actually going through hell. I haven't lived through war, for example. Sartre said "hell is other people" and sometimes they are but I'm thankful to live around people, not in a bunker, waiting for certain death.

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