Tuesday, November 02, 2004

zombies and nymphos

Last night I originally thought I wanted to see a horror movie. Dawn of the Dead, I thought. I ended up going to see a hilariously scary movie, or a terrifyingly romantic movie "Shaun of the Dead". Its about Shaun, who has a rather annoying but amusing friend who always apologizes for himself. For doing what? "Oh dude! That smells bad!!!" His girlfriend splits up with him for this reason, and the fact that he's a poor planner, it's their anniversary, he has no better place to go then the regular old pub, the Winchester. As zombies start showing up, Shaun hardly notices, the world is usually so disorganized anyways. The humour is perfect and the metaphor of zombies as a state of mind or a group of people you just want to avoid shines through. There were some very touching scenes about relationships and it was quite gory as well. At one point the nerdy friend of the girlfriend's alliance is feasted on and ripped apart for an elongated period of time.

Today seems very strange. I haven't noticed any moaning -sexy or deadly, but everyone is either breaking down and tired or hyper and nymphonic. We have an assignment in print class called "coconuts" so obviously the first thing people started to do was download picture of women with giant breasts wrapped around the trunks of coconut trees. Dolly is accused of having an affair with a father and Andrew, on the computer next to me cannot get the picture entitled "cameltoe" off of his destop. I'll just say that the picture isn't of a desert animal. Nim is stressed because projects aren't working out and Andreea is a good and disciplined Christian girl as usual. (haha, she says girlfriends should discipline boyfriends because "they need it"). Apparently this means that boys should never be allowed to go into a hot tub with strange girls.

We all did very well in our presentation yesterday, doing our schtick on the service sector in the form of "the Apprentice". The girls came up with the idea (with a little help from a little tasedan sister) and they intertwined the information right into the pres. Our teacher liked it and she even incorporated our concept of labour productivity measures into her proposal to have so much garden space for her business planted by a specific time.

I had what I call a "VS" this morning. I went to bed before 2am for the first time in awhile last night but I had to fight with myself to get up and go to my print and design class -even later than I was supposed to at 9:30am. I tried to get up, but then I pushed myself back in the bed. I asked for mercy but I felt obstinant. It was a violent struggle. Thank god I'm here and in semi-good health. I could have been a zombie.


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