Friday, October 29, 2004

A Bad Day at School, an OK Night at Home

Right now:
Just reading some news now and simmering down from my terrible business exam. Arafat was flown out of Palestine today for health reasons. It was the first time that I remember. The tanks surrounding his compound tell him that they'll allow him to return safely when he gets his gallbladder fixed but is it logical to trust the enemy? That's the question everyone seems to be asking today except Britney Speares who thinks we ought to "just support" the president. Arafat has made a lot of compromises though and Sharon for some reason pulled out of West Bank, I can't figure out where the shift in attitude is coming from.

Last night:
I studied business forever last night and Nicole helped me understand everything but then when I got in there my mind just went blank. All the categories of things like salaries, expenses, etc didn't know what they were whether they be revenue, cost of goods sold or whatever (ok, it was me who didn't know, they had intrinsic knowledge of themselves as pure concepts). I still don't even know what I did wrong but I'm sure I did because otherwise it would at least have felt just a little off. Accounting is so difficult for me yet I see how it should be easy. So frustrating.

Nicole J Reid:
Nicole makes me feel good and not alone in the fact that I have someone to talk to about PR issues. She's really smart, likes to be creative, organized and ever since I got to know her in grade 9 she was really accepting of me and always willing to share and converse and give me the extra angle on things. I used to be a typical teenage jerk and call her "Prickole" and make fun of her for who knows what but she put up with me and it's really good that we can catch up after all these years. (We talked on the phone for several hours).

We tentatively agreed that msn was the reason neither of us remembers talking on the phone much lately. Msn replaces the phone because you can say things to multiple people at once but not devote your entire concentration to a conversation. She sent me "Walking Mans Road" by America and we related about the cartoon movie "The Last Unicorn" which is quite an emotional ride and contains some gems of wisdom in its fantastical storyline. We're both insomniacs but I had to hit the sack at 2 and then get up for my exam this morning.

I went to school, did my thing then I met with my group about our project on the service sector. I was not pleased that I don't have any information yet so I sat rather sulkily until Nimisha in my group warned me that I'm going to make her depressed unless I changed the expression on my face. Andreea didn't make it because she was busy holding her boyfriends hand. Alex was kind of the leader and suggested that we reflect the theme of customer satisfaction by doing the presentation how our audience wanted, but that would take a little too much improvisation to change it on the spot. Anyways, tomorrow's finally the weekend. Thank god and hopefully I see lots of ghosts, vampires and everything else that walks only at rare times,


Blogger Cerridwen said...

From Arafat to the smartness of Nicole to you beign gald it is the weekend, I enjoyed reading your post. I have been reading your blog for a couple fo weeks but never dared made any comments. I wanted to so much when you posted that entry about the fortune teller (or however else they can be properly called)

Have a great weekend and may you enjoy all the goblins and ghost that comes across your way :)

10:24 p.m.  

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