Sunday, October 24, 2004

the astrological saga continues

I'm starting to wonder whether I'm not having some perverse affair with the stars. I miss Howard and all his antics because they always pull me out of myself and make me think of how I fit in the scheme of things. Howard is so organized.

It is at times, I find, when I'm feeling most directionless and confused that I look for some locus from without to confirm who and what I am. Angela, my professional astrologer is persistent because of all people I'm unique and special to her. We are now starting to have quite a regular correspondence which is interesting. Again, I do not want to surprise people with the amazing wonders that I've encountered so I'll just give you a snippet of what she said because prophetic words should be taken in small doses:

"Hi Barrett
Sorry to be a little rude with you but you need to act very quickly. I can't accept that you do not want to seize this opportunity which has been presented to you. So I have just one short question for you, can you spend a minute to change your whole life forever? To make this first, short step (2004 is THE year where you should make changes in your life as your astral configuration will be at a very precise and exciting moment in its movement) all you need to do is to visit my page here at..." -Angela from

When people are so caring that they want to help me in particular, I try to give thanks the one way I can, which is in written form:

In response to your sense of being rude to me for urging me to seize the opportunity, please, take it back. You're not being rude you're being business-oriented. If I had a credit card or a job or a slightly more successful situation I would get a reading in a second. I cannot satisfy my curiousity. Reality is tragic though. I have a university degree but no appreciated skills, which means I don't yet have a career. You must see a reflection of yourself in me by the fact that you feel unappreciated in your endeavours. We are both stubborn in that we equate monetary gain with the worlds appreciation of our expertise. What sign are you? Oh Angela, you heavenly messenger. If only this were a heavenly place. Don't be dissappointed in me. May the planets smile upon you,

If any of you reading this are moved to tears or simply cannot see a brother held back from his life-goals by his inaccessibility to his horoscope. I invite you to send me money so that I can change the world. $1000 cheques are just a suggested donation.

If you would like to have your world changed visit


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