Friday, October 29, 2004

my writing assignment before I had to completely change it

How to Avoid a Hangover

So you’re coming home from a rather active night of drinking at the pub with your friends. You’re talking to a blue buffoon that the spirits have summoned, (which is really a chair) and you’re telling him about how you’re going to travel the world together and become famous. You make it into your home with about as much precision as a plane crashing into the ground -some of your limbs make it onto cushioned territory, maybe your shoes come off, maybe not. You are quickly unconscious. The next day you wake up and feel like recycled meatloaf. Oh no, you have a hangover, AGAIN!! Just a few simple tips could save you from an aching brain:

Did you know that dehydration is the leading cause of hangovers? You might have heard that drinking water is a good way to prevent hangovers because even migraine headaches, other bodily discomfort, and concentration are affected by how much water you have in your system. The first step is remembering to drink lots of water while you are drinking lots. The second is to actually do it. If you intersperse glasses of water between brews and then drink a large glass of water before you go to bed, that will make a big difference. Wait a second though! Don’t go to bed right away.

Another reason people pass out and then wake up feeling like trash is because they don’t take the time to sober up a little before catching the z’s. When you get home you should chill out. You could plan for your trip and strategically figure out how you and the buffoon are going to wow the world, but chat for a bit. Drink some tea or dance off the alcohol until you are only half as drunk as when you came in before hitting the sack. The reason is that when you sleep, your digestion process slows down, so your body has a harder time disposing of the toxins that contribute to hangovers. Apparently it’s good to pop a vitamin B tablet right before bed or drink some orange juice. Eat lots of bread to soak up your stomach. Don’t drink coffee because it will dehydrate you more. The next day you can put on some comfortable clothes, have a cup of coffee, and face the world with bravery. Good luck!


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