Tuesday, November 02, 2004

horn to horn, tooth to tooth, people going to the voting booth

There is this girl I know who is seemingly so sweet and caring. I was asking her friend questions, trying to figure out her stance on issues based on the surprising fact that she's a Bush supporter. Is she the Bush type of Christian too? I asked. She didn't understand what that was supposed to mean. Therefore I tried, based on my impressions of his behaviour and my opinion of how I feel about his spiritual strain, to clarify my question:

"like, does she think that abortion is evil and that cloning research is evil and that Iraq is evil and that world opinion is wrong and that ultimately you just have to trust God and he will prove to you that only you are right and that it is your duty to destroy everything else?"

She basically said "yea"


I wrote a Kantian essay once about how a universal law could be interpreted to absolutely outlaw the consideration of abortion based on the importance of human life above and beyond all considerations of how to maintain it conveniently. Kant was all about the value of virtue in and of itself and not because it was looking for a reward. Still, that doesn't even give me the right to say it's wrong for others. How do I know what their perceptions are telling them about the state of things to tell them what's the most fair to the greatest amount of people at that specific time (and Arthur Mill kind of concern). I've never met them but for me it's absolutely wrong to have to wait for more than ten minutes for someone to put their shoes on. Who am I to tell them what to do with a life-form growing on their body?

Going out and seeking enemies to kill is different though. That's what the war seemed like in the first place. War on terrorism? Who drilled that into our heads so long that it curiously doesn't even sound like a paradox anymore? I feel like it's unnecessary provocation, and it's moving on very sloppily, in the wrong direction, with no main purpose whatsoever. The quote: "This is a war that will last weeks, not months" makes me laugh WHILE I'm shaking my head. (Who said that anyways? I remember it from way back). So I guess this all comes down to whatever. I'm bummed that it looks at this point like good ol George will win and we'll have another four years of field trips to the zoo and back but I can't understand it. I hope at least that if it is him, he's actually elected this time. Then the democratic process can take care of itself.

Well, Bush and Kerry
Good luck to you boys, let the least worse man win!


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