Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Just a whatever blah day

Today I basically just went to school, felt a little beaten-up about my assignment which was "too promotional" and not journalistic enough but I socked through the day. My parents actually gave me a good talk and it helped. I had to write a news release about our College's Security Services and even though I've never really liked the police that I've come across in the past (when I was a bad-ass teen) I gained a lot of respect for their job because they have to assuage the public regardless of how neurotic their demands might seem. Imagine some woman whining about how her husband is a good-for-nothing piece of trash for example. Maybe she's emotionally abused and it's what she's used to hearing about herself. Maybe he beats their children. Perhaps she goes missing the next week. Then you take those things seriously. My friend says that people expect Police to be everything from "your financial planner, marriage counselor, teen counselor" etc. It's true. That's what these "good mommies and daddies of society" get to put up with. It's a little unerving that they have guns but I guess billyclubs are out of style since the NWO came in. Many of them don't like that either. It's a liability to be packin. Anyways, now I gotta hit the sack. Too tired to say much of importance now.
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