Friday, April 22, 2005

What the Pita Sign Says

The first two words of the caption on the sign I agree with, but so far, I haven't felt the pain. I've had one multimedia exam, so basically all I had to do is talk about lighting, texture, copyrighting, and the kind of stuff I could sing about while I was sleeping.

A couple days ago, in between my first and second exam (which I still haven't had) and while I was waiting for the oil change on the vanimal, aka "the beast" I had a lovely time photographing random people's reactions to the warm weather. It was 28 degrees Celcius, and everyone and their dog was out. This included joggers, children, police officers, beer drinkers, and communists. Well, I'm not sure about the communists, but there was sure to be one of them.

It is 13 degrees Celcius today but they are predicting rain later this evening, which will unfortunately, ultimately, surprisingly, not miraculously change into...snow. It will be a proverbial and literal slap in the face to be walking in that again. And here we're talking like 5 inches!!! Oh well. The spring will return. Let's just hope the ground hog has gone back in the hole to get his keys, not to go back to sleep. The sun makes me very happy. It makes everyone happy, and when everyone is happy, I'm even more happy, which makes others happy again, and so on. So come back warm weather. I'm counting on you. Posted by Hello


Blogger J said...

When your exams end, we should drink copious amounts of monk-churned beer, and talk about the good ol' days.

4:51 a.m.  

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