Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Working on my PR campaign assignment

So as you might know by now, I generally sleep more than I do most other things. That is, when I sleep. I think it's a managing strategy. In Freudian defense mechanisms, I sublimate productive activity into sleep. I recharge my body to cut costs to my mind. When things just aren't working, I hit the sack. Usually I have too much stuff that I want to do, and I end up staying up a few hours into the am, until I wake up and kick myself so hard for not sleeping at a reasonable time that I'm in the pm again.

Last night was different though. I think it was the first time since the 9pm compulsury bedtime I had imposed by my parents in grade 8 that I went to bed before 10pm. I was going to work on my tactics for Mennonite Central Committee, and I did. However, after an afternoon of going over the strategic planning textbook, and starting to get stressed because the examples seemed so simple that they certainly couldn't be, and becoming increasingly stressed, based on the history of me thinking that the assignments in the past would be easy, but then finding comments such as "either you were confused about the assignment or you didn't understand how to execute it" on my returned assignments, which reinforced real anxiety, I thought I couldn't possibly sit myself at the computer and simply type out my plan in this state of mind. It would surely interfere and implant its negativity into the assignment. I couldn't have that. No, so I went to sleep at 8:30pm.

Since my body wasn't used to this kind of thing, I woke up several times with a fever, shivering. My bed is so short that I can't stretch out on it unless my pillows are scrunched right to the very top. When I'm trying to get to sleep, I usually fold my hands over my chest and lay Tutankamon-style. When I woke up at 4:30am the dim wasn't very welcoming, but then as the sun began to rise and I was already dressed and drinking coffee, I had so much freshness and ability. I finished my assignement! I even made it to my first class which is where I am now!

I'm proud of my assignment. Since MCC is an organization owned by a conglomeration of churches, I thought it best to increase the interpersonal tactics between MCC, the pastors, and the congregations. I decided on all low-cost materials because the organization is non-profit. So, of the communication materials, I included a media kit, proposed reprinted speeches, Audio News Releases or soundbites of leaders and MCC advocates, special events, FAQ sheets, homilies and a presentation of what would be drafted as a set of 24 presentations called "Around the World in 24 days" that would be delivered over 24 consecutive weeks in church.

The purpose of these vicarious travels would be to give people a sense of the real situation where people are suffering from AIDS/HIV. Of course it wouldn't be like a tourist vacation, but I think people would still be interested. For some people, AIDS is a difficult issue to bring up in church because it's associated to sex, and as we all know, the forbidden fruit looks a lot like it.

Taking the legacy that Pope Jean Paul left behind (not that he was that influencial to me personally), and his calling of people to take up the "kingly mission" which is reflected by the "Dogmatic Constitution on the church" pg 34-6 or the need to physically build a world that corresponds to faith, I would like to see the same thing being done to treat AIDS worldwide. It's one thing to say that we are all children of God, but it's another to physically help people in need. I am in no way a hallmark of religious goodness, although I hope to contribute something to this mission. My teacher may not like my plan, but in that case I will second Muhammad Ali's sentiments: "I know where I'm going and I know the truth, and I don't have to be what you want me to be. I'm free to be what I want" and try to be happy. Ok, maybe I don't know the truth either. However, if my tactics can increase the visibility of the organization and send its message, then maybe there can be more action done.

If anyone wants to find out about MCC or Generations at Risk, you may visit here


Blogger Roy said...

At the funeral of the Pope, the interchange between Jesus and Simon (Peter)where Jesus ask Simon if he Loves him was read. When Simon three times answers this question Jesus Responds "Feed my Sheep".

While that is part of the process for legitimizing St. Peter, and there by the Pope, as the legitimate leader of the Church, it has greater meaning.

Jesus was here to nurture our spirits but we must remember that he feed the multitudes with Loaves and Fish. This Pope has made it a clear Priority to feed and heal the least of those here on earth. In the broad scope of things I think that will be his lasting legacy. As he alienated the spoiled in the wealthy Capitalist nations with his call to Personal Responsibility, he expanded the influence of the Church in the rest of the world where the future of this planet will be decided.

I am moved by your post and will read it several more times. Among those with mental activity that is more than required for processing food through our digestive tracks, sleep is often an issue.

I will be thinking about you.

12:15 p.m.  

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