Sunday, December 26, 2004

Packing the Punch into Boxing Day

The common thing to do on Boxing day is to go hunting for blowout sales or just recuperate from the turkey overeating from the day before. Today will be vastly different. I've gone to meet exchange students before but I've never met anyone over the internet before and then come into contact with them.

Today is special though because I'm going to meet someone from halfway across the world, FOR REAL!!! This "person" is in the air right now, I'M SERIOUS!! You can't turn back the wheels of time, or the conveyors, or the sands, or nothing! My one hope is that she doesn't pull out her cell phone and somehow interfere with the frequency of the mechanical devices on the plane, start an electrical fire, and pull a Stan Rogers. Really, I just hope her vegetarian plane food is tastey like she hoped.

The last update via apt text messaging skills was that she was in London, so that means she made it across most of Europe so far. I figure she's somewhere over the Atlantic right now. Hopefully she's sleeping too, so that the frequency of my brain waves does't interfere with the plane either. (I'm only worried cause if you take a written reading of my brainwaves and flip them backwards, the shape of the amplitude reads: "Satan") Anyways, I'm surrounded by a concrete basement right now so her plane should sail normally.

She arrives tonight, surprisingly enthusiastic about being exposed to the underbelly of Canadian fast-food: Taco Hell. Since when are there people who've never had a Taco before? So that she'll recognize me, I've decided to go to the airport dressed like this We have two back-up languages that we can both fake if English fails, and I'm excited to learn some more Hebrew. Her accent really is swell, even though she hates it when people say she sounds like Bjork. She already taught me to say "sheket" which means shut up in Hebrew but since I keep saying it she doesn't ever get a chance to teach me anything else before I silence her with this one word. I'll have to discipline myself.

I am so excited to meet this witty, feline, aquaintance that I really haven't slept much. For relief, to indulge my narcissism and for the memories it brings back of sitting around a bonfire and heartily singing with the guys in highschool, I'll belt out a rendition of Barrett's Privateers and raise a wish for more prosperous results aboard the Boeing than the old ship.

If you like Canadian history and/or folk music, Stan was the king. His brother Garnett also wrote some good tunes. Now I will make more preparations and rush to meet the famous Pink Panther


Blogger brooksba said...

Ooooooh! Hi. DM and I here.

We are SO excited! I hope that the plane arrives safely and you have a wonderful time!

DM says, "If she is a vegetarian, I'm really sorry for telling her to have a steak taco."

This post was adorable, by the way. Loved the humor in it too. You are classic!

Beth and DM

5:19 p.m.  
Blogger Savtadotty said...

A note from the Word Police: if you type "narcissism" with a "z," it looks to [some of] us Jews too much like "nazism" and scares [some of] us!

Can't wait to hear about the landing, the meeting, the roaring and the aria-singing.

9:04 a.m.  
Blogger squarepeg said...

WE ARE WAITING! Drop us a crumb, lest we fall famished by the wayside! A word, a clue, anything!

3:30 p.m.  
Blogger The Lioness said...

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8:33 p.m.  

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