Thursday, December 16, 2004

Crisis Slain

Boy did I study! I think that while the text book is written at a grade two level and very repetitive, it helped to read it out loud in all kinds of silly voices and make fun of the fact that it goes into detail to explain that humans have five senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, and that audio visual aids stimulate what sense? Oh yeah, sight and hearing. Weren't we taught this somewhere before? I learned that "effective communication strategies" result in messages being recieved, believed, rememebered, appropriate, memorable, and influence people to act in some way, maybe they wiggle their finger or something to signal that they're still alive because what I'm saying is so boring that 36% of the world has been put in a coma. But no, actually there were some interesting things that came out in the exam such as what the role of a PR person should do when the media exaggerates facts about organizations. I debated with the paper I wrote on, fiercely.

So, I guess I should tell you and myself that I'm not that angry anymore. I'm a yo-yo yes and I lost my mind and I wasted $96 dollars yesterday applying for schemes to get out of my program into another, but I feel a lot better. Take this example of cheeriness: I failed the main project of a course, the news release that I wrote on police and the community using constable Chris Zehr, my loyal and convenient friend, as my specimin of study, but yet I still managed to get a 72% on media relations!!
If I put the mark up to a mirror it would make me do a double-take. The other thing. You know how I talked about the snake egg yesterday?
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Well, that wasn't fair. I was having an emotional outburst. She's actually not really that venomous when she isn't possessed by the way of the beast or personally tormenting you by calling attention to your obscure understanding of the subject she teaches. Ok, yes, I guess you have to be a teacher to teach a program. I'm not a teacher. I'll cut her another slice of slack.

Anyways, it should be nice now just to have some time off and roam in the snow and read unrelated material, perhaps some philosophy of mind, deep thinker or some good old Williams Carlos Williams
the poet himself this season always feels like a good time to curl up in the warm indoors, drink a toddy perhaps or some nog, and chill out.

I know I'm not dancing around no Christmas tree. YOU can.


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