Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Johnny Come Lately, to Canada

Things are merry, they're a little bit hairy but what surprise, what wonder is inspired by this season! I know that my season's wishes are coming true, and something very out of the ordinary is happening: on a lark, Lioness decided to come visit. She's coming to Canada "Canuckia" IN THE FLESH!!!!!

Last night, we scrambled to send information back and forth over MSN. We were mad deal finders and notifiers of "easyroomates". Desperately, we drove forth with our mission in mind: to find accomodations in this land that I call home and some how transport her Portuguese self over that water and land it at Pearson Airport.

It is the land of Wayne Gretzky and Tim Hortons and other stuff that you could try to use to stereotype the place though it just wouldn't work. This is Canada, a place we like to think has freedoms and a damn good health care system. The UN rated us the best place to live for a few years but now we've got to work on equality issues. Watch out for glass ceilings etc.

When we met on this here blogsphere, I would have never imagined ever actually meeting her. We were just disembodied characters on the keyboard. Ideas mediated by technology. Now the daring is taking over, we are setting up this biatch. The internet couldn't stop us, the hotels couldn't stop us, the fact that I have a lot of trouble with dialing numbers almost stopped us from communicating but not even if it rained geckos would that stop us, though it would be a waste of good reptiles.

So, she's a bit fearful of the cold here. I'm trying to convince her that those negative temperature numbers don't really mean anything, they're just relative. It's when you get to Kelvin or Absolute Zero that it's cold right? Only then. I hope that she will see the CN tower and some of Guelph and be exposed to the whole Canadian culture. What is Canadian culture? I'm not an expert but I hope to emulate what life here for me is.

The trip has been causing us some greif here and there (neither of our parents know what the heck is going on but my dad is excited to show his cows off to a Vet student) and the hours of sleep are altered as we chase after landlords at strange hours of the night to confirm tentative things and race towards the future. I also have to work when she's here so that's a little peeve that'll have to simply just be lived with. I'm lobbying against my job for more time off. You know how this season is. We Canucks are such hard workers are we not?

It's fun to be an outsider and make connections with people that aren't centred around work, school, or a board of directors. The internet offers a vast array of interesting people with interesting lifestyles who can share and relish in each other's geekiness and computerized expression of self. I can't wait til Lioness comes. I can't wait til she meets my family. What will they think? What will SHE think? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.


Blogger CarpeDM said...

YAY! We were so excited when she told us she was going to see you. You must have lots of fun.

And in April, Beth and I are going to go and see her. It'll be very fun.

8:22 a.m.  
Blogger The Lioness said...

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9:45 a.m.  

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