Monday, November 15, 2004

I'm such a Canuck eh?

I feel that because some readers think I am American, I need to make a small announcement:
Although I do get confused sometimes about what country I live in and often whine about my neighbor, I am Canadian. (I sympathize with Americans who think I should get my fat nose out of their country's issues, but I choose not to do anything about it).

We are the country who relies on our Southerners for trade and whether it be fortunate or unfortunate, we mimic many of their habits and cultural perceptions of things. I'd like to think we compliment them or entertain them by giving them comedians like Jim Carrey or actresses like Jennifer Lilly but Ace Ventura is getting old and those from Detroit probably know Canada more as a place to get drunk when you're 19 and scope out some fine women.

We have a lot of freshwater, maple syrup, squirrels and "three founding nations" (The natives who found first and the English and French who stole) but I look to the US for their juicy events and antics because they have the attention of most of the world.
I watched the American Music Awards and was dissappointed that Outkast didn't win. Snoop was awesome, Alicia Keyes was great and Usher had his moves and gestures down. The one thing that surprised me is that Americans seem to really like country music. Can someone explain this to me? I mean, we have our very own Shania Twain but I guess I just never understand the infatuation with country. I didn't think her popularity was due to her music either.

Anyways, I just thought that needed to be clarified. I'm the same old regular Barrett, just distinctly Canadian.


Blogger Cerridwen said...

I didn't even once think you are an American :P but you can keep your fat nose in our business. I enjoy reading how outsiders see us - the good and the bad.

As to country music, I really couldn't tell you exacty why most Americans enjoy them. I can't say I like them for I don't listen to them if I have any choice and yet I can't say I don't like them either for I can tolerate them if it is being played. Who knows, maybe it is the cowboy/girl embedded in our blood by our ancestors. :P

10:03 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger The Lioness said...

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Blogger The Lioness said...

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