Sunday, August 14, 2005

For the Love of Music, and Disestablishmentarianalism, of Course

We got to Kimbercote music festival at 2pm on Saturday, not sure what to expect, simply glad we had not gotten lost at all. There was a registration tent right in the entrance where we were greeted. The organization for the weekend was quite thorough. We recieved a pamplet printed with vegetable ink on recycled paper explaining the entire line-up for the weekend, which workshops would be included, plus additional rules and expectations for the Kimbercote retreat centre, nestled in the Beaver Valley, on the Georgian Bay.

The atmosphere was of a communal activist mentality. We were encouraged to engage in lively discussions about the dangers of prescription drugs like anti-depressants, take a canoe ride, or gather herbs from the forest. Andy and I contemplated playing the life-sized chess game, but spent most of our time hiking through the various trails, setting up our tent, and listening to the acts on the Kimbercote barn stage.

I was disappointed by the turn-out, because it couldn't have been more than 70 people that attended. When I played at 4pm, there were several people on the lawn, but not many. As well, I had to grudgingly forfeit Stella for a borrowed semi-acoustic-electric guitar because I didn't have my electric amplifyer, and they didn't have one either, contrary to my previous beliefs about what a music festival usually stocks.

The area where the festival took place was gorgeous. From where the tent was pitched, you could see far across the landscape to the hills that face them, some of which are open as ski resorts. The Kimbercote kitchen served up some food that was quite tastey for vegan dishes, but of course I had to race back to civilization today in order to get some red meat. The other performers were a mix of spoken word groups, percussion ensembles and funk bands.

Overall it was a good experience, but I realize that I'm not accustomed to living like a hippie. I think it's important that people conserve and that they're concerned about human rights and the environment, but I have trouble taking people seriously if they're so left wing that they live on a different planet. I get lost in conversations about gender identity and feel nauseous when I see women with more armpit hair than I have. However, I feel that much more refreshed coming back to my reality, where life is just a commodity, society is a melting-pot, and everything is so convenient that I just snap my fingers. Yes, call me gluttonous, but I am grateful for mass-production. Technology makes things so fast, and I'm addicted to it.

If I did learn something this weekend, it's that I shouldn't throw my electronic gadgets into the garbage. Landfill sites have too much wasteful and toxic energy. The CD players, headphones and TV that you see in this picture are all examples of things that should be turned over to an electronics disposal unit or donated to friends or second-hand component dealers.

I may not be a hippie, but I'll try not to throw my junk in their backyard, because they were kind enough to invite me into it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

crap! i wish i had of known...i would totally have liked to see you play.....oh wella...perhaps another time.......sorry about the stella....

10:16 a.m.  
Blogger sirbarrett said...

mitzee -Maybe you can scope out good little clubs in Toronto for me to hustle, then I'll play you a song in your hometown.

5:44 p.m.  
Blogger Lorena said...

this sounds like fun. so you sing?
i wouldn't mind experiencing something like this. it's always nice to step into different worlds, you get some perspective and you appreciate things more.

thanks for the info on not throwing away electronic stuff.

11:12 p.m.  
Blogger joe said...

one day you will be famous and we'll have to do speed dial or hit refresh on our web browser to ticketmaster to get tickets to your concert! :)

all extremes are hard to relate to, whether right or left. somewhere between the two sides are the rest of us. don't throw your gadgets to the landfills, sell them on ebay! and eat red meat, but avoid steroid filled beef!

4:01 p.m.  

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