Friday, August 05, 2005

Chaos, and Much Ado

artwork by Chris Cann *
So it was a long week for a four day week (Monday was a holiday). After the move and all the rigging, we started jack-hammering, breaking big chunks of concrete off of the balconies with fifteen pound air-pressurized chizels. When you press the lever, they bounce up and down like jack-rabbits mating. However, their weight and awkwardness kills your arms. I think we were all ready to die. I think it was also a strange week for many people. I found out that a girl I was interested in is, as it turns out, Lesbian. It's either that, or she just likes making out with other girls. Sanjay got stranded in Toronto coming back from his new job at Rogers because a plane from Air France, flight 358 overshot the runway and burst into flames, constricting traffic on the 401. Luckily, no one was killed.

Nate and I had a stage accident. We wanted to swing our stage into the balcony so that it was just sitting on the ridge of the panels but somehow the button for "down" on the stage got punched in and jammed, so even after he got off the stage, the stage continued descending of its own will, though perched dangerously on half of the balcony. There was a scary moment when I held onto the balcony above me because the stage was about to tip right over, threatening to send all our tools and equipment plummeting down 10 storeys. Thank goodness Nate has quick reaction time. He punched the emergency stop button and we both had a sigh of relief.

Andy Carruthers turned 22 today! We're going to get him loaded and possibly play some ping-pong. Andy is the biggest, baddest, best sportsman and competitor I've met. His hospitality shows through his invitations to poker or fussball or into his home. He always picks me up on time for work, and expresses his determination by knocking on my door for as long as it takes to wake me up, on bad days. His girlfriend should feel ashamed that she didn't remember that it was his birthday. Perhaps she'll still have some way to make up for it ;)

I'm looking ahead to school now, because I know it's big year number 2, the final year of my Public Relations diploma. I'll be looking for a (volunteer) job placement for second semester. In the meantime, I have to get everything rolling and conclude my time in Guelph. People are moving away or changing schedules, so that all takes adaptation. I haven't been able to practice music much with my new-forming band, so that is another thing.

I'm very excited to perform on Saturday next weekend (Aug 12-14) for MusiCHAOS, an annual festival at Kimbercote farms. Admission for the weekend is only $20 and includes meals. Kimbercote is a progressive community committed to environmental and social justice. They provide tours and operate as a retreat centre. I'll be playing originals and one or two covers, but in the meantime I must practice to be perfect.

Work will last right up until the week before school, so I'll have to move back home, learn how to drive standard, pickup my books and passes, and get set to go full steam ahead. I'm kinda nervous but it hasn't really set in yet. I'm just excited that things are all moving quite seamlessly right now. If I can make myself be organized and do all my homework promptly, I shouldn't have too much on my plate, but it might take some time to search out my ideal part-time job: like working at a library, or being a receptionist.

Ok, well, fridays are not for sorting all the details out. Now it's time to go see the birthday boy.


Blogger Candace said...

I just have to say something that is going to make me feel soooooo old:

You are the most grounded, most grown-up, most level-headed person of your age that I have ever had the privilege to "know".

I'm impressed.

7:42 p.m.  

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