Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Yes. He DOES need to explain

Some of us won't forget the
excusethat was forged to justify war. (Search for "weapons of mass destruction" that were apparently going to wipe us all out unless we did some intervention) I don't rule out the possibility that GB thought there might be weapons and he was just being cautious, but I don't believe that.

He looked tough on camera, telling Saddam that he had 48 hours to dissappear from the face of the earth and then the military was coming in. Saddam made a choice not to be immediately annihilated by guns, bombs or whatever, and for a long long time, he hid in a hole presumeably to stay alive. Maybe I'm going too far to even empathize with the most publicly hate-encouraged figure for awhile, but this is not about any particular leader or lack of one. It's about another more general issue: do we believe politicians? Maybe that's too naive a question to even ask but that's because we're forced to be so cynical now. Politicians can't do any special magic that normal people can't do. They aren't the gods responsible for public opinion. We are. The events that make us act crazy give us reasons for more crazy events to make us who we are. At least it seems that this is how things happen. What made us this way? Us. We gotta turn it around.

The end of the search that could have been more suspenseful just dragged on. It is a quiet affair now that the news is old news and everyone's on to the next thing. The issue no longer grabs our attention because it's just the same old killing, harassment, degradation etc. As a culture we seem to think that if we can move on after living vicariously through the world's wars and disasters, then they're not problems anymore. Out of sight, out of mind. But is there genuine improvement? I'm not there to say.

However, there's a certain time to give up things that aren't helping. Thank goodness that at least now the search is over. It's been way too long. Now after it seemed so damn obvious to some for such a long time that the suspicion of weapons was just an excuse, not a reaction to a real American need to 'protect' itself. Protection in one thing but the international community would all benefit from an international investment in mutual security standards. Be weary of popular responses to things because the popularity doesn't include everyone. There is always someone who someone else insists that they shut up. It doesn't mean that they don't have something important to say.


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