Saturday, January 08, 2005

Hello and Thanks for the Second Hand Books

I haven't been writing for awhile because I've been holidaying in my own country. I relish in not going to school, lazing, reading and shopping. Johnny now has over 100 books that she's purchased including many Piers Anthony, Martha Grimes and others for as low as 50 cents which she just can't get over. She's hopeful that they'll fit the requirements of a 30 kilo weight or under so that they can travel back to Portugal with her on her flight. Today I'm sure she'll want to go for more books but I'll not have it. I'm a stern Sam. I've put my foot down and decided that she should not be encouraged in her serious addiction although I fed her the opportunity for a week almost daily. Books are her opium but now it's time for recovery.

I got a book on grammar which has already taught me what subjects and predicates are. In the sentence Barrett writes a blog. Barrett is the subject or the doer of the action. The predicate is that which the subject is engaged in doing. In other words, it is everything in a sentence that the subject isn't. I suppose that is why there are so many jealous subjects. writes a blog is the predicate since it explains what the subject is engaged in doing. There are also stative predicates that unlike dynamic predicates, have subjects that aren't responsible for the action of the referent. For example, The task at hand is worth be bothered about has The task at hand which as far as I can tell is the subject. is worth being bothered about is not an activity but is still a predicate related to the subject. The definition of a subject as the doer is also problematic because sentences can be about things without them being an activity My structure easily how ridiculous it is mixed up gets a sentence doesn't make much sense but is the rearrangement of It is ridiculous how easily my sentence structure gets mixed up. which is a sentence that contains a stative predicate. (My little mix up shows how important syntax is. If it weren't, my blog could just as easily write me as I it)

I prefer simple sentences like Barrett slaughters grammar.

This book is very technical and I haven't gotten more than a few pages into it. However, I figure it's good to learn these kinds of things especially since I've always struggled with them so arduously. I will learn structure, types of sentences, adjuncts, interjections etc and syntax and argumentation. These exercises will hopefully reduce my dependence on you dutiful few who help me notice my boo-boos.

Where is Johnny my fateful sidekick? Johnny is out shopping in St.Jacobs right now where she is hopefully satiating her desire to encounter old order Mennonites. I am at home after having taken my SmartServe test. I passed her off to a certain uncertified tour guide that I know, a relative, in hopes of making a win-win deal between her and Johnny. Our itinerary comes to a close this coming week but we still have a Toronto trip in mind and a rain-check on a snowman (as long as it doesn't rain). Now I see the snow is falling off the roof and I'm glad I'm not standing under it. Johnny notices our ingeniously slanted roof-tops which are perfect for the purpose of letting snow drop. They are so ingenious that they are imitated around the world in places where it doesn't even snow. I'm sure it has some other benefits. Anywho, as school starts next week and I orient myself to studiousness I'll have some more grammar lessons to share.

Thanks to those who have given feedback on my letter (now I am ashamed of it). It helps me to see how erratic I can be. Oh! I hear a door open. There is a crash, the sound of a stubbed toe, some moaning...could that be Johnny coming in???


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