Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Some Attempts at Realistic Quantification

You are not your spirit
although your spirit is a part of you
It may carry you

Yet so many times it is your spirit that is reduced to physical terms-
That is a formula.
Science in that way is not yet science, though it strives to be.
and my arts may be lost on vandals and thieves, though they were meant as a gift.

Yet we can strive for immortality
-As a beautiful imagination.
No loss is in our soul that is not a loss to a limb: communication

And science chooses to be what it can never grasp:
something which is entirely graspable.
It hurts to say but we are always learning from our mistakes
and the tension is what we thrive on.

May your spirit be always in a state of wonderful bewilderment,
and may it carry you through.

It is your spirit that will be what the world never dares you to be, though you feel its quaking deep inside you.


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