Sunday, December 05, 2004

My Self-Annihilating little Vent

I notice something in the paper that advertises being able to help me find a job. It's free, funded by the government and boasts a 75-85% success rate (does that mean it has a higher chance of being successful some of the time?). Well, what do I have to lose? How do I sign up? First I write a letter explaining my situation, and how I'm a perfect candidate:

Person A or Person B,
I graduated from the University of Guelph this past year with an Bachelor of Arts English Degree with Honors. Since then I've had no hope of finding a job other than doing physical labor or flipping burgers. I got rejected from five different Teachers colleges so then I enrolled in Public Relations at Conestoga College which I'm doing now.

My lack of confidence that I'll ever get a job that I will like really takes away from my motivation. Maybe it's the conditioning but I feel like there's just some invisible barrier between myself and the workforce. I really don't even know whether I'm actually considering my job opportunities or just going to school because there doesn't seem to be anything else to do. I don't even like it to be honest. Going to school for nineteen years straight because society tells you this will swing you a job loses its fun especially when it's not true.

I'm wondering what this program offers and what it demands. Obviously since I'm in school and work part-time I wouldn't be able to attend regular classes. Or would I? I'd rather drop out of my current program and see success rather than pursuing another dead-end, so keep me informed.


Blogger The Lioness said...

See, some of us only wake up and smell vet school when they're 30, but I have all confidence in you figuring out what will tickle you. Pontification over.

6:29 p.m.  

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