Saturday, November 20, 2004

This is how I might look if I looked how I felt. I started my new job last night at the Flying Dog, dealing with many drunkards and cougars while admiring the gargoyles. My manager got punched in the face by an embittered girl and so we had to stay for a little meeting til 3:30AM for him to vent. Stupidly of me (but typical) I didn't got to sleep until about 5:30AM, I just got wrapped up watching Dave Chappelle. I love that guy.

I gave blood this morning at 11:15 after confirming that no I haven't had sex with men since 1977 (and before that presuming I can't have sex before I'm born), no I haven't traded sex or drugs for money, no I don't have AIDS, no, look, there aren't needle marks, I'm not heroine junkie, no I haven't lived in Nigeria and a handful of other places between certain times and no I don't take any medication for malaria, blood declotters, syphilis etc.

I was just chillin letting the blood flow in. Isn't it so dark in the tube? It's not oxidized. I was squinting at the tv, unable to read the silent caption when a nurse looked over at me: "you look so impressed" she said sarcastically. It's because I'm tired I explained. Really, it's because I always look like a coma patient anyways. My pulse is good, my diastolic pressure is 120/70 which is good (a little low but close to text book examples). I asked the nurse if people with high blood pressure can give blood faster, as if it was a race. No, it depends on the size of their veins. I drink so much coffee I'd be suspicious my level of hydration contributed to it taking 11minutes to get half a litre.

I got in during a lull and the nurses didn't mind. They needed a break. They were talking about getting their fix from chocolate how they have "those days" as women (emotional I presumed). They joked about having enough for each nurse's hips, a subtle complaint against the bodily cost of their hungre cravings. I say go on girl, build that pelvis! Wide hips are luscious. From my side-long angle I watched their third chakra move back and forth. I got some OJ and went on with things.

Now I have to create an ad for coconuts as an exercise. Our teacher wants three pictures of coconuts and a caption. Like, he wants the things that grow on trees, not just anything else that you might call coconuts because of their shape. Our class had some confusion over that. It showed in the kinds of web searches they were doing. For captions I don't feel clever right now. Should I use: "The milky melons that all can enjoy"? How about: "Cocowhat?...It's Coconut!" I don't know. I'll have to see what I can accomplish before going to work. My arm better not wuss out. I need to carry those bins.Posted by Hello


Blogger J said...

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8:29 p.m.  
Blogger J said...

Maybe your caption should be:

"The milky melons that all can enjoy -- without fear of a sexual harrassment suit"


8:31 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

isn't is pretty horrific that they're still asking homophobic, sexist, racist questions

it's so misleading. and continues to perpetrate myths about who gets HIV/AIDS

i'm pissed, i've stopped giving blood. i wrote and they gave me some bullshit answer. i don't even think they know what infection rates are like. pretty scary.

and i won't even touch all the coconut comments, or cougars (women can't be sexual after 30?) since i don't want to only criticize during my first post.

i really like this blog mostly but you need to look into some anti-oppression analysis

10:17 a.m.  
Blogger sirbarrett said...

Yeah, it's pretty ridiculous the questions they ask. Its almost like they think everyone is just a statistic. I didn't mean to suggest women weren't sexual after 30. Actually I think people are sexual until the day they die. I say "cougar" endearingly. Please criticise if you see something I may not. I'd rather hear it then go on in my own ignorant vein. I can be a jerk sometimes but usually it's because I'm expressing myself sloppily, so if it's your first visit, I hope you return. What kind of anti-oppression issues interest you? Keep me posted.

11:39 p.m.  
Blogger The Lioness said...

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5:41 p.m.  

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