Saturday, December 11, 2004

Don't ask what this is. Guess. Lack of sleep to blame for much of it. No time to blog but just enough to make a 'daft pic'. It is a rough depiction of a personae of an instance of my aura. It is a depicted with some jarring modern artistic technique while retaining a realism that really confronts all modes and ways of living in conjunction and conflict in the fact that I'm smoking on that buggy. This is SO not the idea of simple, body-as-their-temple Mennonites, as I would guess. Though this deviation raises ethical concerns such as: is that horse being mishandled? The masterful genius demonstrated through this piece is the artist's mind-boggling knack for being able to capture, and beyond that stimulate emotions, especially confusion: WHAT IS THAT CLOWN DOING THERE? You might even be asking yourself why you are even wasting your time looking at it, nevermind read this long long RANT! Well, the clown has already stolen your soul. It's a possessed and possessing picture ok? Creepy eh? I'm sorry, I seriously don't know where the clown came from, just sneaked right along with us, following Black Beauty all the way. I don't know why I was talking about the artist in third person either. There is no artist, just a subject. The real art is life. Posted by Hello


Blogger The Lioness said...

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Blogger The Lioness said...

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Blogger tripwalking said...

I am a freak.
People laugh at me.
They come to see me, but their eyes don't open this way. And people laugh, and people cry...

I don't remember the rest, but this muse reminded me of that song. I created a blog just to post this. How does that make you feel?

5:04 p.m.  

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