Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Cookie Fiasco

Whew! I just sat down for what seems like the first time today, after making sixty (YES! 6-D!) cookies for a cookie exchange! (In reality, I sat for all nine hours at work, never once raising my ergonomic desk to the 'standing' position). Anyway, I thought it was hard work, all that stirring.

I had to do it in three, approximately (I don't have measuring cups) doubled recipes of "Haystack Cookies". (I used a coffee cup). Some people know of them as macaroon-like imitations.

What turned out are three distinct batches.

I forgot the salt in the one batch. I think it's strange that baked sweets (which, in this case doesn't even apply, since these cookies are unbaked) even call for salt. I managed to remember the vanilla last-minute.

I put my butter and milk and cocoa and sugar in a pot and got it to a boil, stirring rapidly for five minutes. Then, because it still wasn't carmelized properly, I stirred it for another five.

Each time I did the recipe, I improved and strategized on previous errors, sometimes adding more of one thing and less of another, and also, as mentioned above, sometimes "strategically" overlooking some ingredients entirely!

I'm going to mix all of the batches together and see if anyone at work notices that they're not the same.


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