Friday, February 20, 2009

Let the Clock Decide Your Fate

Excited for the weekend, but too tired out from the week, I lay "napping" on a Friday evening. The faces of people and things dance on my eyelids, and I'm impressed by the beauty that is a familiar part of my every day. When the mind is quieted, the important parts emerge. I strategically utilize the yogic breathing I learned this week to try to lull myself to sleep, but it just makes me more alert, remembering how I laughed uncontrollably due to the massive blood flow to my brain, as I stood on my shoulders.

I'm trying to get healthier as the spring nears, and so I've taken up yoga on a semi-casual basis. I like it for the mental discipline it offers, and of course because my body could use it. I want life to be more like a breath that doesn't slip away without being noticed.

I can't sleep on a Friday evening, but I could use the rest.

I decide that I will open my eyes to look at the clock.
If it is an even number, I will stay laying until the alarm goes off, and either fall asleep, or continue meditating.
If it is an uneven number, I will get up and do something.

It is 9:35pm.


Blogger Chloe said...

i like your method. please explain, because i want to follow it too: when you say even number, you mean the hours or the minutes? or their sum?

3:58 p.m.  
Blogger sirbarrett said...

Thanks, it's probably the best thing since the Bible code. It's based on the last number ie. 9:35 is an UNeven time. It's simple! It's convenient!

12:03 p.m.  
Blogger Devil Mood said...

I don't think I have the mental strength to prevent me from going on sleeping regardless of what day it is. Maybe I need yoga.

4:34 p.m.  
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