Tuesday, February 26, 2008

College Versus University Versus Neither

This is the new campaign that has been launched on our website, here at Ontariocolleges.ca. Obay is (a fictional drug that parents prescribe to their children in order to control them?) the brainchild of Smith Roberts Creative Communications. There have been posters, billboards and radio ads launched with it as a new communications campaign geared towards debunking myths about college and encouraging applicants towards making the next step towards a brighter future. :)

Although I give the campaign credit for its creativity, I'm not sure I understand the intended outcome of the campaign. The other thing I don't like the kinds of praise that some parents are giving about their children's experience in college while belittling university in comparison. This mother for example, commented on Universities being "big" and "impersonal".

Possessing both a University and a College diploma, I found benefits to both College and University however, I disagree that any generalizations can be made about either. I disagree that college is more "hands on" as is argued pervasively, or that Universities are "impersonal". Actually I had some very small, intimate classes in University, and some very theoretical (not hands on at all) classes in college.

To get back to the add campaign and its usefulness, I've had many comments from applicants that they are very impressed with it and relate to it. The one good experience about both my college and university experiences was the fact that my parents never pressured me to take a specific program. They realized that higher education was important but also that it's the experience of learning itself that needs to be appreciated.

I realize that I am a bit of a statistical oddity, in that although I went to college and university, my current position has nothing to do with my education! But is this really that strange in current times? If we were to credit the skills gained through school as what jet-propelled me into my current career(s), we could but we have no way to prove whether these skills came about as a result of school, or whether they would have been instilled in me otherwise (education moves in mysterious ways). I am reminded again of the graffitti I saw recently that states "My bike takes me places education never could".

I look at the statistic 90% of graduates who enter the labour force are employed within six months, and 93% within two years" with some disdain as it seems to mask the fact that that could be in ANY profession. Although I am part of this 90% I still had to experience being laid off and I am STILL looking for work in my desired field almost two years after completing both a university degree and a college diploma!

Things could be worse. I could be addicted to Obay.

Or, my parents could have tried to control every aspect of my life since I was a baby...


Blogger Mark said...

awesome ad.

9:11 a.m.  
Blogger Devil Mood said...

"I could be addicted to Obay"

that's funny!
I can think of something worse, you could be living in Portugal where it's harder to find a job for people with qualifications than for people without them.
The numbers are scary amongst the most recent graduates. Actually, I wouldn't mind getting a job in a field that isn't mine because I don't identify with it so much, but the truth is I'm not suffiently qualified to do much else. And the things that I should be doing, there's no work.

To be honest, I don't know the difference between college and uni. One is more practical you say? I've been using both randomly.

4:25 p.m.  
Blogger Mitzzee said...

i love it. all over the ttc.

5:52 p.m.  

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