Thursday, December 01, 2005

"I Must Oblige"

I was memed by Cannot Be Trusted and this seemed fun. When I do things like this, I become fussy and indecisive. It's best if I don't think and just answer. Well, here goes:

7 things I plan to do before I die:

1. Make a full length album that I think is "good"
2. Build a house
3. Plant a tree, and visit it ten years later
4. Fall madly in love
5. Get my Masters
6. Write a book or two
7. (I'm stealing the idea from Cannot Be Trusted) Make a difference

7 things I can do:

1. Public Speaking
2. Cook spicey curry
3. Play instruments: sing, guitar, piano, trumpet, and some drums
4. Listen
5. Act silly
6. Drift off into my own thoughts
7. Be a friend

7 things I cannot do:

1. Get the tangles out of my hair
2. Be on time all the time
3. Retain good posture
4. Be patient
5. Drive the speed limit
6. Fix my printer
7. Please everyone

7 things that attract me to another person:

1. Recessive earlobes
2. Grace
3. Verbosity
4. A nice rump
5. A challenge
6. Someone who doesn't take themselves too seriously
7. The ability to tell a good story

7 things I say most often:

1. "No"
2. "Are you seeking a simple cellular solution?"
3. "yo"
4. "sir/maam"
5. "it's time to go"
6. "Don't be a parasite, be a host"
7. "Come on people now"

7 people I want to do this (not the usual suspects):
Suburban Misfit


Blogger dioeconme said...

Before I die I plan to live longer...(just to stay with Woody's philosophy, eh?)

Thanks for your comments on the DI NUOVO blog: hope to see you often and have your views.


3:17 a.m.  
Blogger Quiet said...

Looks like a good list. I made a list like that a few years ago, and recently found it. I was thrilled when I was able to cross off some of the items.

9:00 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

1st i'm going to cry because you didn't select me for a tag.
then i'm going to thank you for not selecting me for a tag....because a) i've already done this b) i hate tags (i secretly love them...) and c) i just wanted to give u grief since it's a friday and all and i'm losing my marbles as usual.

now then...recessive earlobes...hmmmmm why is that???

3:15 p.m.  
Blogger gone said...

Such a good sport, Sir. Thanks for playing. Quite a list.

6:26 p.m.  
Blogger sirbarrett said...

kinkazzo -it's always good to stretch it out. Di Nuovo's good stuff.

whyfee -Yeah, good for you! Hopefully I'll get to cross these items off too.

Mitzee -Aw, don't feel bad Mitz, feel spared. You could have been picked, but my selection was randomn. Next time I'll lay a meme on you. I thought of a, not sure what to make of b and c, I'm with you, losing my mind. This is the rough time. I don't know why the recessive earlobes thing. It's a weird fetish I guess.

Cannot be trusted -Thanks for bringing me into the game!

9:47 p.m.  
Blogger joe said...

ha! you finally did this one. I tagged you in Sept:

but I changed it to eight things. :)

I'd love to try your curry! while you play music and build a house. at the same time! I write that book too. I think you'll be brilliant.

6:11 p.m.  

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