Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Midweek: Crawling Over the Hump

My neck is sore. My nose is running. My lungs feel like they just had a thunderstorm. I'm exhausted from an issues assignment, though it felt rosy researching some of the World Wildlife Fund projects and seeing lots of happy wild animals in their natural(?) habitats.

I'm doing a study on potential stakeholders that are affected by Weyerhaeuser's wood, pulp and paper-producing operations. Obviously, when you're a multi-million dollar timber business, it might seem out of the way of economics to think of the forest in terms of the trees, and all the animals, and all the natives, and all the neighbours, and all the protesters that chain themselves to trees, etc. but a responsible business should consider all consequences of a decision, to do their part as a good corporate citizen. That's issues management: identifying potential threats or opportunities so that you can strategically plan as to not be destroyed by unforseen disasters. It's about solving problems before they become crises, and part of that requires communication and researching the public so that you can treat them better as a business. But is there a commercial benefit to acting honestly and straightforwardly as a business? Isn't capitalism about ripping people off?

No. There are new trends in the market that suggest that people's conscious choice to invest in businesses that deal ethically, will change the game in terms of what types of businesses dominate the market. Since businesses today depend on many connections with partners who are themselves profitable because they've garnered the support of a public that demands certain things, they are forced to abide by codes and environmental standards for example, to be recognized and invested in by an environmentally conscious public.

Whew! There's too much to get into. I could have a babbling fest. Issues are everywhere. I have health issues. I'm drinking some microwaved orange juice with Sanhwa citron tea maralde and honey mixed in for good measure. My conversation partner gave it to me, and apparently it's some kind of cold remedy. If it doesn't work, at least it's psychologically soothing and so deliciously sweet! It's always a little cheery to read about environmental protection, a necessary value of Weyerhaeuser, even when you feel like muck.

My ecosystem has gone awack, and I can't think anymore. I've just been whizzing around, like a fly through the blades of a ceiling fan, floundering. Now I'm just about up to speed -with the completion of a major portion of my midterms, but I'm still a little testlagged. My throat feels like I swallowed a chainsaw while it was still operating.

I'm taking care of my dad's cows this week. They are good cows. Always so anxious to see me! I walk up the alley with my pail of grain, and some of the youngers almost gallop up to me. I say "almost gallop" because afterall, has anyone ever heard of cows galloping? Of course a horse gallops. Of course a horse! But do cows gallop? NO! Anyway, they are calves practically, so they're cute, but getting pretty big. They're like teenagers who have grown faster than they're used to, who carelessly trip over their own feet. Their minds are still catching up with their bodies. When they run up to me in their bovine way, I say "hello" and "good to see you" and they gather round.

My dog has been almost trotting a lot lately. I say "almost trotting" because afterall, has anyone ever heard of a dog trotting? A dog can't trot anymore than a snake can run. But she looks proud and valiant as she marches out to the barn, ready to lead me on to my duties.

Now I make my duties to myself. I must relax and NOT sit hunched in front of the computer anymore. I need to have a brain bath. I'll watch The Mask of Zorro, and vegetate.


Blogger BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

SOunds intense.

I hope yo feel better and have a good day today.

9:18 a.m.  
Blogger wrr said...

Hmm. You sound terrible (figuratively since I'm only reading you). Have you tried garlic capsules? Its the natural alternative to antibiotics and ginger tea? Real, ginger, pounded ang boiled for a couple of minutes and then drank with honey. Its a natural expectorant.

Well enough of the homeopathic remedies. I've forgotten how refreshing it is to read your entries. Your a very profound kind soul. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Do visit whenever you can.

Your comment has given me an idea. Perhaps its time to try ang make wire work bugs that are kinetic. I'll post it when it's done. Thanks for sending me down that road.

2:13 a.m.  

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