Monday, January 24, 2005

Big Pops Turns 60 This SATURDAY!!

So my Dad is really going to become a senior citizen on Saturday. He's an old wise-cracker now. Last night around the dinner table he was getting all excited about it, I could tell. However, stupid me forgot to book it off from work. So here is my hasty letter to ask for time off so that I can party with my old man.

To the manager,
I am kicking myself because up until yesterday, I thought that my father's birthday was on Sunday. No reason to think I'd miss it, I thought. But then I find out it's on Saturday, and my father is turning 60!! I really don't think I can miss this. He only turns 60 once. Is there any way you could get someone to work for me? Please puppet-master, pull the strings and see who you can make dance,


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