Saturday, February 19, 2005

Time Flies when you're Cutting Limes

and so does Johnny. After arriving home from work and going to sleep, I waken half-consciously when my phone makes the notification sound that I have been text-messaged. It was Johnny saying she was in Brussels, asking her idiosyncratic question "who knew?" for the fact that she has done something seemingly inconceiveable. She could be in Tel Aviv by now, on her way to Uzi's funeral.

It is unfortunate that I never met him. He was apparently very kind and he was "Tig" to Johnny. He called her "Pip" and they hadn't ever been without each other whenever they were in Isreal. Now it would be easier to think she's just going to visit him, because she couldn't bear to think of going to Isreal without him. Grief does strange things to the mind and sometimes it makes it possible for two contradictory things to happen at once. Denial lost its strength and it's apparent now that Uzi is really gone, but we will remember him, even those of us who never met him; how he lived and why it makes a difference.

I'll be going to Portugal just as Johnny gets back. We'll both be like scrambled waves converging in Lisbon and meeting in the airport. There are so many things to see that I am SO excited to go to Portugal, because I've never been there. I told Johnny that I would wait by "the rolling thingy" so that's all I have to remember, AND not wear the ugly sunglasses.

Tonight will be my last night working for awhile because then it's HOLIDAYS!! I then write exams in Advertising and Strategic Planning before I get on the plane. I've really needed a break ever since, well, the summer, because Christmas never was one. I got a lucky promotion yesterday from being in the right time at the right place when staff is badly needed (even though I've been pointing to myself and asking "you need a bar-runner?" for months and people still don't know my name). So tonight I will be making the great career advancement from busser to bar-runner, and from the mellower, older-crowded Flying Dog, to the big club Revolution.

Revolution has just been redecorated and given nice white couches. Now everyone wants to go there and management is thinking of hiring security just to stand over those couches and watch for spills. (Why white???) Anyway, so the environment and the position change should make things go even faster tonight while my mind is off wandering, and my fingers are cutting limes.


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